Our Process

We have designed our medical marijuana evaluation process to be extremely quick and easy. Using telemedicine we can provide our clients with the option to have their medical marijuana evaluation conducted from the comfort and privacy of their own home. Telemedicine a great method for patients who are looking for a fast, easy and convenient way to get their medical marijuana evaluation here in Cleveland or anywhere throughout Ohio.

Take a look at our fast, easy and affordable process below.










Our Medical Marijuana Process

Step 1

Schedule Your Appointment – Call the number below to schedule an appointment with one of our medical marijuana evaluation specialists at a time that works for you in person or online.

Step 2

Easy and Safe PaymentWe charge $199 (new patients) once you receive your medical certification. Full Refund if not qualified.

Step 3

Video Chat With Our Doctor – We will provide you a secure link to be evaluated by our medical marijuana doctors at the convenience of your home.

Step 4

Apply For Medical Marijuana Card – We will help you complete the Medical Marijuana Card Application on the Department of Health portal.